Thank you all for what you have done to help my daughter move on in her recovery. After more than 5 years since her wreck I believe she is beginning to accept who she is now.


  • ¬†Advocated successfully for enacting laws that:

Protect athletes in contact sports by requiring a medical release to return to play (HB 15)
Create the first State of Alaska-funded brain injury services (SB 210)

  • Developed and maintain a statewide TBI Resource Directory
  • Provided information and referrals to more than 1,500 Alaskans since 2007
  • Developed TBI information packets distributed to every hospital in Alaska
  • Hosted an international brain injury conference in 2010 and 2014
  • In 2012 created the annual Brain Institute, with support from the Trust Training Cooperative,¬†which provides¬†comprehensive brain injury training to statewide professionals.

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