We have read your material and shared it with many friends as well to help them understand what our son is dealing with right now.


The Alaska Brain Injury Network would like to thank the following funders, sponsors, donors, and partners for their commitment in supporting Alaskans with brain injury.


Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
State of Alaska, Department of Commerce and Economic Development                                                        Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Senior and Disabilities Services


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2014 Donors

Dallas-Lee Brower

Sue Norton

Elena Rath

Mark Regan

Cindy Shults

Lael Venta

Anchorage District Highway Crew  AK DOT

Carol Bushnell

Shirley Clark

Carolyn Heyman-Layne

Merle and Sonja Higman

Katy Kerris

Rebecca O’Hara

Sari Phillips

Klaus Reich

Norma Thomas

Mary Jean Thomas

Providence Rehabilitation

Pick.Click.Give Anonymous

Keri Rheinfrank

Joaquin Barbachano

Thomas Bolen

Jaymie Burkhart

Paula Carpenter

Jenny Di Grappa

Sonnet Farrell

Heidi Frost

Jerry Frost

Deborah Gideon

Adam Grove

Kivalina Grove

Karyn Grove-Bruce

John Hall

Karen Heath

Janet John

Lyon Johnson

Robert Karabelnikoff

Darcy Laughlin

Terri Leman

Rebecca Maier-Sell

William McCoy

Colleen Meridon

Martha Moore

Emma Mullet

Donna Olsen

Thomas Quirk

Caren Robinson

Julie Rogers

Rikard Romerein

Julian Ross

Sharon Shassetz

Erin Shine

Catherine Steele

Joseph Sutter

Gregory Thorsell

Dennis Young

Howard Kulkin

Jill Still

Cindy Westergaard


Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse/Alaska Mental Health Board
Alaska Commission on Aging
Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Department of Health and Social Services 
Disability Law Center of Alaska
Division of Behavioral Health 
Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education 
Senior and Disabilities Services
Statewide Independent Living Council

Brain Injury Association of America
National Association of State Head Injury Administrators
North American Brain Injury Society
Western States Brain Injury Alliance

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