I believe that ABIN and I have developed a productive, professional relationship and I appreciate ABIN support.

Resource Navigation

Our resource navigators provide information/referral and MORE!

  • Respond to requests for assistance, information, resources, and referral.
  • Maintains a brain injury resource directory with statewide and local resources and supports available to individuals, families, friends, professionals, caregivers and the general public.
  • Provides technical assistance to communities interested in developing brain injury support groups.
  • Distribute educational and informational resources to the public.
  • Help arrange for trainings for direct care providers, caregivers, teachers, counselors, health aides and others in your local communities
  • Most of all, our resource navigators listen.  They will listen to your unique story and help identify services and supports.  They will help you make the necessary phone calls if needed.  They will also help brainstorm compensatory strategies or strategies you can use at home if best essay writer services are not available in your area.

Resource navigators also help providers.  If you have a client that you are serving with brain injury, please contact on of our Resource Navigators at (907)274-2824 or (888)574-2824.



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