Thank you all for what you have done to help my daughter move on in her recovery. After more than 5 years since her wreck I believe she is beginning to accept who she is now.

Peer Support

How to be a Peer Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor or if you feel you could benefit from having a peer mentor, please call Alaska Brain Injury Network and speak with a Resource Navigator. We will connect you to someone else who is or has gone through an experience similar to yours. You are not alone. There are many people in Alaska who are experiencing how brain injury has changed their life too.

Information is also available from

Support Groups

Support or “self-help” groups are formed by people who share common concerns. The groups may be participant-initiated or sponsored by a health care institution, social services agency or nonprofit organization. To learn more about support groups, select a link from below.


Tips for organizing and facilitating a succesful support group. Published by the American Brain Tumor Association.

Some ideas for strengthening or starting a support froup for person with a brain injury. By Deborah Delgado of PA Protection and Advocacy, Inc. and Mark Heydt of Community Skills Program; Harrisburg, PA.

This course was developed for caregivers who provide care and services to adults affected by TBI. This course will help you better understand and work effectively with adults with TBI. Aging and Disability Services Administration (ADSA) developed this course with the participation of people living with a TBI, families, advocates, and professionals. The project was funded through Grant Number H21MC0062 of the Federal TBI Implementation program. (from the Washington State Traumatic Brain Injury Council)

A simple guide to starting a local brain injury support group. This publication was funded in part by the Department of Health and Human Resources; Division of Mental Health. Published by Project STAR at Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation.

Document describing Peer Mentoring and the TBI Mentoring Partnership Program. Published by the Research and Training Center on Community Integration of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

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