Brain Injury
Needs Your Help


To our future supporters.
We have worked hard to create a network of brain injury supporters with a broad group of professionals that include healthcare and business administrators, healthcare providers, supporting organizations, caregivers, and importantly, brain-injured.

We are continuing to grow and provide support to the Alaskan community for brain injury care by providing a place for the community to find information, education, resources, and guidance.

We continue to create associations throughout the state and country to benefit our brain injury community. Resources, education, communication, and advocacy are our foundation. We sincerely appreciate your support!

Best Regards,
Jay Gandy MBA, FACHE
Executive Director & the Board of Directors

Our Continued Growth.

The Brain Injury Association of Alaska (BIA-AK) has been reorganizing and evolving from its prior work as the Alaska Brain Injury Network (ABIN) to become a collaborator for independent Alaskan communities in association with the Brain Injury Association of America.

BIA-AK's strategies are improving brain injury awareness, resources, and advocacy to help Alaskan communities work towards prevention and awareness of treatment and support for those brain injured in their communities.

Here is what we are doing now:
    • MOBILIZING GRASSROOTS ICCs: Mobilize and grow local, independent communities of care (ICCs) across Alaska, forming a network providing insights into local needs and improving care delivery across Alaska (better understanding & access).
    • BIAUSA: Apply the benefits of the Brain Injury Association of America to Alaska's needs, i.e., Alaska navigators responding to calls to the National Brain Injury Information Center's (NBIIC) 800 line, world-class research, proven administrative resources, etc. (timely response).
    • ROBUST WEB PRESENCE: Improve the online delivery of a web presence with content serving the people in ICCs and education inspiring the delivery of world-class care in Alaska (support to BIA-AK navigators helping others with complexity).
    • PROPRIETARY DATABASE: Using the information provided through ICC Leadership engagement, BIA-AK will collect data and build knowledge in a proprietary database. We will extend the efforts of Alaska's Trauma Registry using inpatient data on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to better understand the brain-injured population in Alaska significantly (improve understanding of the BI population in Alaska).
    • IMPROVED NEURO RESOURCE FACILITATION (NRF): A tool as part of a National Neuro Resource Facilitation (NRF) through the Brain Injury Association of America that includes Alaska resources (to be developed by BIA Affiliate Leaders).
    • ONLINE CONTENT: BIA-AK is building a studio and will produce the content needed to answer ICC questions, highlight Alaskan providers, and offer survivor stories (short informative video and digital content internal and partnered).
    • EDUCATION: Providing education for providers, support givers, brain-injured and other brain injury impacted individuals, businesses, or associations.

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