Tip of the Day 3/25/21

Tip of the Day 3/25/2021

Today’s Tip of the Day talks about living with a brain injury during COVID.

The world has certainly changed over the past year. The way we live, perform our work and regular activities has been altered. For those with TBI, the pandemic can be even a more daunting task.

Coping with a brain injury is never easy. The Covid-19 pandemic may exacerbate the cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).Being trapped at home can be frightening. For brain injury survivors, removed from day programs, club houses, and support groups amplifies their fear and isolation. Their symptoms may worsen.

People with a brain injury may not understand the scope of the pandemic and its unusual demands, such as the need to wear masks, heightened protocols for social distancing, and repeated handwashing.

Below is a video to remind those interacting with brain injury survivors, including medical providers, first responders, legal professionals, families, and friends to provide additional understanding, support, assistance, and special care necessary to those with TBI.

Take a moment to check on a neighbor, friend, family member, or client suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Let a brain injury survivor know they are not alone. Regardless of your occupation or profession, there is always something you can do, or say, or someone you can help.

Check out our learning library at www.alaskabraininjury.net for online pamphlets with more tips on this and other issues that affect those with brain injury.

Source: https://brainlaw.com/covid19/

*the Tips of the Day are for informational purposes only and are not to replace the advice of a health care provider. See your doctor if you have any concerns both medical and emotional.