Tip of the Day for 3/2/2021

Today’s tip deals with the New Normal for Caregivers after brain injury.

These days we have heard the phrase “New Normal” quite a bit. But, those dealing with brain injury have experienced this long before the pandemic.

This is the time to learn new strategies to reduce stress, boost your mood, and safeguard your health.

Stay healthy by prioritizing your physical and emotional health, get as much sleep and rest as possible, arrange for someone to assist so you can take time for yourself. Exercise regularly and avoid overeating.

Reduce stress by figuring out what bothers you most and work on getting rid of that stressor, recognize your stress signals early, be proactive and keep learning.

Boost your mood and attitude by not judging yourself, pursue a personal goal, avoid people who bring you down, stay connected with friends.

Many survivors, families, and caregivers find ways to grow and thrive during the “New Normal” years. You can as well.

Check out our learning library at www.alaskabraininjury.net for online pamphlet with more tips on this and other issues that affect those with brain injury.

Source: Lash and Associates Publishing, “New Normal-For caregivers after brain injury”