Tip of the Day for 3/5/21

Today’s Tip of the Day talks about Things to look for after you hit your head.

If you hit your head you should watch for the symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury, also called a concussion, over the next several days. You should see your family doctor or go to an Emergency Department if symptoms persist. Anyone showing symptoms of a brain injury should not return to work, school or sports until they have been cleared by a medical professional.

If you have symptoms that are severe and get worse, go to the Emergency room right away. These symptoms include:

-Severe headache


-Very sleepy and cannot keep awake

-Loss of consciousness (fainting)

-Cannot move one side of your body

For most people (80%), symptoms go away in 7 to 10 days. For others, some symptoms can last weeks or months. If not treated, they may become life long and interfere with daily life.

If you have symptoms after 7 to 10 days after your injury, you should be evaluated by a physician that is an expert in brain injury.

Check out our learning library at www.alaskabraininjury.net for online pamphlets with more tips on this and other issues that affect those with brain injury.

Source: https://hcmc.org/braininjury